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VIAcode Provides Big Data Monitoring Solutions for Hortonworks Data Platform

By Roman Yuferev and Dmitriy Nikonov

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Big data platforms need to integrate with existing enterprise IT management platforms, such as Microsoft System Center. Hortonworks chose VIAcode Consulting as one of their partners to provide monitoring solutions for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). VIAcode already had significant experience monitoring Big Data platforms, so their partnership was instrumental in Hortonworks’ ability to release a high quality Management Pack for SCOM that includes powerful monitoring scenarios for the Hortonworks Data Platform.

Bob Page, Senior Director at Hortonworks said: "VIAcode added a lot of value to the Hortonworks Data Platform by enabling our customers to leverage System Center to monitor and manage their big data on our platform. Their expertise in this area is impressive."

The VIAcode team created an original design for the HDP Management Pack, which provides IT operations with the most critical performance metrics from an HDP cluster and performs proactive monitoring of the Hadoop infrastructure. This improves cluster availability, reducing the risk of failures and significantly improving the time to resolve issues. The design has demonstrated high efficiency with real big data scenarios on Hadoop clusters with hundreds of nodes.

"Implementation of an enterprise-level monitoring solution is always a challenge, which brings a new experience to both the customer and solution provider. In case of Big Data platforms, such as Horton Data Platform or Microsoft HD Insight, we have to deal with massive Hadoop infrastructure and monitoring data collected from every single data node. Our experience in monitoring of enterprise datacenters helped us to build scalable and highly efficient design for monitoring solution," said Dmitriy Nikonov, VP of Technology and Operations of VIAcode.

All VIAcode-developed Management Packs benefit from our company’s advanced experience as Hadoop users. Our Visual Dashboards provide a comprehensive view of the monitored infrastructure, delivering much more information with greater clarity and simplicity than traditional "flat" views.

For Hortonworks, the "Cluster Summary" dashboard provides information about HDP services and host health, space utilization, and the balance of live and dead nodes balance on one screen. All of this helps IT operations catch critical issues immediately.

"We research new technologies and platform capabilities continuously, so that we can bring value to our customers. The unique expertise of our engineers allows us to implement custom visualization and monitoring scenarios that are unique in SCOM market," said Roman Yuferev, IT Management Practice Leader at VIAcode.

About Hortonworks

About Hortonworks Hortonworks develops, distributes and supports the only 100% open source Apache Hadoop data platform. Our team comprises the largest contingent of builders and architects within the Hadoop ecosystem who represent and lead the broader enterprise requirements within these communities. Hortonworks Data Platform deeply integrates with existing IT investments upon which enterprises can build and deploy Hadoop-based applications. Hortonworks has deep relationships with the key strategic data center partners that enable our customers to unlock the broadest opportunities from Hadoop.

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About VIAcode

VIAcode builds and delivers commercial and "internal" software products that make a difference for its customers. The company radically enhances technical capabilities of our clients by deploying world-class technologists throughout the software development lifecycle to deliver high quality software products on time and on budget. Viacode’s clients include large software product companies, technology start-ups, and Fortune 1000 companies. VIAcode is an Amazon Web Services Partner, a Microsoft Gold Partner, and a member of the Microsoft System Center Alliance.

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